This Christmas, charm your loved ones with the best Laptop deals in Kenya

This Christmas, charm your loved ones with the best Laptop deals in Kenya.

It’s the time of the year again, where everybody is looking forward to celebrating the end of the year with their dear and near ones with happiness and lots of gifts. Worried that you may not get your hands early on those expensive gifts or they might sell out too soon or are you stuck in a loop of buying the same gifts every year? Let me take you through the gift I bought for my close one as his secret Santa.

HP has been a key player in its industry, ruling a large share of the market with its wide range of products. What is it that makes their products stand out? The person I was looking to buy a gift for is a businessman, so that limits my choice to a few. I was a little confused between a few brands, but my eyes landed on this cool 2-in-1 laptop that is known for its superior design – HP Spectre. The laptop looks absolutely fantastic with great design, lightweight, and a bright screen. Extremely convenient to travel with and utilize at your convenience. I read some great reviews regarding its crisp performance. The attribute that won my choice, is its all-day battery life. At first thought, I thought that was just a marketing blueprint. However, reading further reviews I realized it was legit. This was the unique selling proposition for me as the person I was buying this for, had a hard time charging his laptop throughout his busy day. The cherry on the top is its stylus, with exceptional functionality with a simplistic look.

The laptop is of great value for the ease it gives in terms of design, use, and attributes. The price is competitive and worthy. I highly recommend this laptop with a few things to go with it, makes the perfect Christmas present. I bought a Cursor brand wireless mouse and mouse pad for office use to go with the laptop. Cursor – a brand that I had never heard of, met my standards. I was contemplating if I should be buying from a more known brand; however, after comparing the price and the features I was sold on this. I must say I am not at all disappointed with the risk I took.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas with lots of gifts to open.