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  • 32L large volume, 1-6 people use the ideal volume
  • Built-in rotating fork, heated evenly outside the focus
  • 9 large heating mode free settings
  • Independent temperature control
  • 40°C constant temperature fermentation
  • Three-dimensional hot air circulation, uniform temperature without dead ends
  • Aesthetically pleasing

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VIOMI VO3201 Electric Ovens Main Features


* Preheatable oven, Preheating can remove odor and sterilize.
* Wide temperature selection, 100-230 ℃ heating zone.
* Multiple heating methods for upper and lower tubes, Easy control of the heat.
* 360 ° rotating roast chicken is heated evenly.
* 32L capacity, can heat a variety of cuisines.

* Curved liner, expansion design.


Detailed parameters

VIOMI VO3201 Electric Oven
Precision temperature control
Rotary fork
Built-in stove light
35° glass door
32L large capacity
Explosion-proof glass door
60min timing
Simple and practical oven
The operation is very simple, and it can be used very well without looking at the instructions.
Children and the elderly can easily learn, just twist.
Preheatable oven
Preheating can remove odor and sterilize, and can reach the required temperature in advance
100-230℃ heating zone
Different foods require different temperatures. For this reason,
the VIOMI electric oven is designed with a wide temperature range of 100-230 ℃, free temperature control.
Multiple heating methods for upper and lower tubes
Easy control of the heat,tookfun.
The four heating tubes are made of 304 stainless steel,

which does not oxidize at high temperatures, and heats up evenly and quickly.

32L capacity, can heat a variety of cuisines
32L practical capacity, does not take up space, and can meet your gourmet needs
360° rotating roast chicken is heated evenly
360 rotation roasting, when roasting whole chicken and large pieces of meat,
adjust the rotation button to automatically rotate and bake, to heat more evenly,
avoid local scorching or uneven cooking, making homemade delicious roasted chicken is as simple as that.
Curved liner, expansion design
The convex cambered inner liner has extra capacity so that you can use a round mold to make more food.
Pizza for 3-4 people is not a problem.
2.No expansion
Built-in lighting
Easy to observe changes in cuisine
Baking is indispensable to observe changes in cuisine. Large viewing angle window,

with explosion-proof lighting, for easy viewing of food heating. The lampshade is detachable, and the design is exquisite.

Easy-to-clean liner, rejecting oily residue
Environmental protection coating liner, easy to stain, easy to clean.
Must-see for beginners, easy operation guide for oven
The VIOMI electric oven adopts a mechanical knob design,
which is easy to operate and can be easily used to make large meals without facing the instructions.
1.Wide temperature selection, 100-230 ℃ operation.
2.Multiple gears, 4-speed baking function, Close / Up / Down
Roasted up / down roasted + fork.
3.60 minute timer, manual adjustment.
35°, stop the door
Hover design
Anti-scalding and anti-falling
Multiple heat dissipation
Fast cooling
Protect the oven
Built-in chassis
Catch the oil residue
Easy to clean
Corrosion-resistant coating
Not easily deformed
Good temperature control
Power Indicator
Power status
Easy observation
Anti-scald handle
Easy door opening and closing
Does not burn your hands
1*Baking sheet
1*Crumb tray
1*Disk clamp
1*Grilled net
1*Take the fork
1*Spin fork