Mijia Internet smoke cooker set (natural gas)


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Product parameters

Product name: Household gas stove (natural gas) Household gas stove (liquefied petroleum gas)

Product size: 720*400*165mm

Product model: JZT-MJ02/J2Y-MJ02

Rated heat load: 4.2kW*2

Product Net Weight: 9.8kg

Thermal efficiency (%): ≥63/≥59

Panel material: tempered glass

Rated gas supply pressure: 2000Pa/2800Pa

Rated voltage: DC3.0V

Energy efficiency rating: Level 1/2

Ignition method: pulse ignition Inlet pipe joint form: thread + hose Knob

material: Bakelite

The MIJIA Smoke Stove Set has six major highlights. The first is an elegant appearance designed for high-value kitchens. Next, the gadget utilizes a large dive ring suction with a suction rate of 21m3/minute. There is also an automatic cruise booster system and the product is optimized for houses with high-rise vents. The body surface is easy to clean due to the type of paint used. In addition, it features a large capacity concealed magnetic oil cup as well as 10 different safety features.  The stove utilizes the Italian ORKLI flameout protection system.

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MIJIA Smart Smoke Stove Set

Aside from the normal button control, the device comes with a smart app connected via Bluetooth which allows the owner to control the stove from a smartphone. The app also alerts the owner of the MIJIA Smart smoke stove working condition. The vented range hood design also comes with a safety design which ensures that the sharp edge won’t injure anyone in the event they bump into it accidentally. The stove has occupies a space of 7 square meters, with a height of 3 meters. It is also easy to install. The stove is designed so that when the fire is turned on, it automatically opens the vent on the range hood.

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  • Scale:1:5
  • State of Assembly:Ready-to-Go
  • Origin:CN(Origin)
  • Max Speed:Viomi Flash Crossover Smoke Stove Set
  • Model Number: Viomi Flash Crossover Smoke Stove Set
  • Control Channels:2 Channels
  • Gyro: Viomi Flash Crossover Smoke Stove Set