Mi Power Strip (3-outlet, 3 USB)


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  •  3 USB-ports
  •  3 power sockets
  •  Small and lightweight (0,3kg)
  •  250V full voltage range
  •  Safety doors

Compact and convenient

Mi Power Strip has an ultra-thin strip that maximizes the space in your home and makes your wall look clean and tidy. The strip has non-slip pads to create more stability so it can be placed on any flat surface. Also, the classical red power button has been replaced with a discreet, white light that feels more comfortable to the eye.

Mi Power Strip has a sleek design and offers 3 USB-ports and 3 power sockets that support fast charging. The power strip is equipped with safety doors to keep children away and prohibit possible accidents. Besides that, the discreet power strip has a high power conversion rate and is flame-retardant.

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