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Mi Fans,

As you know, we are good listeners and take your feedback with utmost respect because there’s #NoMiWithoutYou.

You said you wanted more Mi Stores…We’re here to announce that we just launched a New One, this time around in PARKLANDS!

Here’s another chance for you to continue to enjoy the #SmartLife and just like our tradition, we have carefully selected this LAUNCH offers and deals to help in welcoming the new MI STORE.

UNFORTUNATELY 😟, the deals are very limited. But the GOOD NEWS is that… since you can see this page you’re not late for the deals.

Pre-Save your order BEFORE 5th May 2021 by registering your details via the link below or Call/ Text 0707333186

Hurry!!! the deals will soon be gone...


Redmi Note 10
Redmi 9A
Redmi Note 9T
Redmi Note 9T 4 64
Redmi Note 9
Mi Band 5
Mi Bluetooth SPeaker 2
Mi Band 5
Wifi Extender Pro
Mi TV Stick